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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Internet and STD Center of Excellence?

The growth of the Internet and the advent of sophisticated interactive technologies, present new opportunities for developing web-based applications that can augment public health functions. The Internet & STD Center of Excellence is a research effort to explore, identify, implement and evaluate innovative technologies and applications that show promise in addressing sexually transmitted disease prevention. These applications may target patients, clinicians, epidemiologists, public health workers, researchers and/or other interested parties. The focus of the Center is on internet-based applications, but other technologies may be considered. The Center is sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and carried out by the Denver Department of Public Health.


What is STDPreventionOnline?

STDPreventionOnline.org is a social utility which allows members to share resources and connects them online. You can create a customized page for yourself or your Organization to learn about new and effective disease prevention programs, connect with other researchers and practitioners who share your specific interests, share your own experiences and program methods, or find a great job. To access these features and more you must register for an account. You are welcome to come join our community for FREE!


How do I join the STDPreventionOnline?

To join STDPreventionOnline.org you need to register. Just click the JOIN NOW link at www.stdpreventiononline.org. Anyone can become a member by registering for an account. Registration is simple and quick!


What is a Page?

A page is the place for an individual, an organization, or a group to share resources, collaborate with others that share your interests, and express ideas though a blog and forum. A page will display information about you, your organization or your group.


Can I join as an organization?

Yes! Organizations on STDPreventionOnline can invite others from their organization to join STDPreventionOnline and create their own page! New registrants may join as individuals or organizations.


What is a Group Page?

Group pages provide space for collaboration and are an ideal space to work together on any topic or project. Any member of the site (an individual or an organization) can create a group. Groups may be created as public or as private. All group pages share their own resources, a blog, and a forum.


Can anyone post a Job?

Yes! If you are not a member of STDPreventionOnline.org we ask that you create a mini profile by supplying us with your name, email address and a password.


How do I post a Job?

Simply click Jobs > Post a Job. We will ask for; Job title, Description, Place of employment, Expiration date for the posting, preferred method of communication for applicants, and the location of the job.


What is a resource?

A resource can be many things, but in general a resource is a tool such as a document, PDF, Video, or other media that is part of a program or project related to STDs and the Internet. All resources uploaded to the site will be shared with other members.


What is the 'Discussion' area about?

The discussion area is the forums and blogs are featured. Each page has a personal or group blog. Each group page has their own blog and forum to use as a tool for collaboration on projects and group discussions.


How do I post an Event?

You must be a member to post an event. Once you are a member simply click "Events" on the top navigation, then click "Add Event". We will ask for the Event type, Title, Contact information, Description, and other information regarding the event.


How do I change the information on My Page?

To change your settings simply login with your email address and password, then click "Settings" on the left.


What if my Field, Focus of Work, or Area of Interest is not listed?

Suggest a new Field, Focus of Work, or Area of Interest! info@stdpreventiononline.org


What is a Colleague on STDPreventionOnline?

A colleague is someone you can choose to be associated with, similar to "friends" on some social networking websites. Adding colleagues will allow other members to view your associations and helps to enrich community on STDPreventionOnline community.


How do I add a Colleague to my page?

There is a link to add a colleague on each member page. Simply click that link and a request will be sent to that member. Once they accept your request the new colleague will appear on your page.


How do I create a Group page?

To create a group page, login, click "Groups" located amongst the top navigation links. On the groups page there will be a link to "Create a group" on the left.


How do I contact STDPreventionOnline?

To contact The Internet and STD Center of Excellence or STDPreventionOnline simply send us an email info@stdpreventiononline.org


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